Welcome to the TKCS Jamaica Mission 2017 Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the TKCS Jamaica Mission 2017 blog. We are Joe and Briana Lombardo, and we are leading our third trip with TKCS to Whitehouse, Jamaica. This time around, we will be leading 9 students: Ryan Anderson and Rachel Conover (returning with us once again!), Lydia Cho, Emily Farrell, Efan Feng, Shane Gillet, Eddie Oglesby, Annie Panagotopolous, and Lauren Wang.

We will be staying with Jim and Penie Koch, missionaries stationed in Westmoreland via Kingdom Builders Ministry. In our travels, we will be doing anything and everything to serve the people of Whitehouse and its surrounding areas. Despite the glimpse that most of the Western World has at Jamaica, spots away from the resorts and major cities are not as fortunate. Everyday items that we expect to be in our homes are not readily available to the people. As a team, we will be assisting in home-building construction, as well as sharing supplies from the states (toiletries, toys, clothes) with hospitals, nursing homes, and children. While we have led this trip before, no two are alike, and we are very eager as a team to be instructed to serve and love these people in any way needed.

So, if you haven't already, be sure to add your email to the list for post updates from me, Brianna, and the students. If the internet is as available as it was last time, we will hopefully be posting at least once a day! Please be sure to keep this ministry in prayer through the days of our service. Thank you for your support!


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