Day 3 - Market haggling, delivering water, swimming, and a church benefit concert!

Good morning, everyone. The wifi down here is very very bad. I couldn't get this lost to upload last night -

Today was a very long day! Somehow at the end of it, we feel like we have already been here a week - but that is a welcome feeling, as it means we still have so much more time here.

We started the morning with our devotions on the beach, as usual. Next, we filled ~20 gallon jugs with water and brought them to the neighboring town of Petersville; their water pump has been shut off for about three weeks, and the despite the government's responsibility to provide them with water, it isn't happening. This was the bulk of our work day and then we headed home. We cooled down at the beach and after dinner, we went to a church benefit concert at the school in Petersville. Here is the day from Annie Panagotopolous' perspective.


The second day of Jamaica your girl Annie gets to blog!

Well to start off the girls woke up on the roof bc it was a beautiful night out side! So when I woke up I looked next to me and saw Rachel and Mrs. Lombardo and thought, "oh everyone is still asleep" then I looked over to see Lydia and didn't see her so then I looked around and didn't see anyone else so I walked down stairs and everyone was eating and Lydia was sleeping.

 Then we walked outside to go to the beach for devotions and it was really nice to sit outside and look at the ocean and do devos.

After all that we walked back and ate breakfast which was scrambled eggs with apples and oranges. It was pretty yummy if I'd say so myself.

Right after we went to the market to get some nice fruits and veggies and took a tour of the fishers men thingy. It was cool, I liked it! MOM I GOT A COCONUT!!!! OMG I WAS SO HAPPY!!!

Had lunch, had coco bread #AMAZINGGG!! And we had chips made out of some fruit we picked yesterday #YUMMYYY!!!

After lunch no more relaxing we filled up water jugs to take to a village and it was really heavy I couldn't even lift it so lyd and I had to take a half filled one bc it was so heavy!

Then we came back to the house got into our bathing suits and went to the beach and omg the water was so blue and beautiful! And while we were having fun playing keep away all of the sudden I feel this sting and of course I got stung by a jelly fish! It hurt so bad!! I can't even explain the feeling!

Then we came home ate dinner which was chicken with rice and corn and peas

Then we went to a Jamaican concert for gospel it was cool!

Okie Gn your girl is OUTTT!! Peace!


  1. Happy Easter! We are praying for each of you and know that you are celebrating Jesus Christ's resurrection along with us today!

  2. Forgot to say thanks for the great updates Lydia and Annie!


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