Day 9 - YS Falls

Today was a great day at YS Falls, a waterfall resort/park in the woods of Black River. The kids signed the wall at Jim and Penie's (all the missionaries get to sign it) and then we headed to the falls.



Hey this is Ryan! Today we went to YS Falls where we saw beautiful waterfalls in a town called Black River. We woke up and had a quick breakfast with French toast and fresh pineapple and quickly left Jim and Penie's house. When we got to YS, we took a tractor back to the falls where we stayed for the day. We zip-lined through the falls and met some cool dudes named Dane, Jonathan, and Mario. After we saw all of YS falls, we went to the salt water pool and ordered our food. Some of us got hot dogs (me), some got jerk chicken, burgers, anything. We then went to the actual waterfalls where we jumped off cliffs with ropes, swam in the stream, and lost some chanclas. The day was nice to relax, talk, and chill with other team members and unwind after working hard yesterday. My favorite part of the day was eating some real Jamaican jerk chicken from a friend of Jim and Penie's. We went home after a great day and started packing for our trip to Montego Bay to fly home. Thankful for my second time seeing Jim, Penie, Deanna, Donnare, Marquez, Jadah, Marlaina, Ari and the people and places of Jamaica. Soon we will be home but we will seriously miss everyone we met here in Whitehouse. 

See you soon!





  1. What a wonderful way to end your time in Jamaica! We're all praying for you as you travel home. It's been great to see you all pouring your hearts into all that you did this week and into the people you met.


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