Day 8 - Return to Audayr

Today was the most physically tiring day we've had yet. The temperature was in the high 90s with very high humidity - the saving grace was that it was slightly overcast most of the day. But the work - mixing sand, rock, and concrete with water by hand on a stone slab in the middle of a dirt path, carrying the mix in buckets 500 feet down a rocky mountainside, and building a retention wall - was quite a bit for both me and the students. Everyone worked extremely hard, and many scrapes on the concrete were endured. But the wall was built and water has been successfully diverted from Kenny's house!



Hey Everyone! It's Rachel!

To start off the day we had cereal for breakfast so we could quickly load up the truck with supplies and head out the door to Audayr. One of the houses Jim & Penny had previously built unfortunately had some water damage so we brought cement, cinder blocks, and the tools needed to build a blockade in front of the house to prevent flooding. Some of the team brought cement and cinder blocks down a long winding road to the house in need of repair. The rest of the team worked with the children of the town. I'm so thankful to have had the experience of returning to Audayr. I recognized many of the children I had met two years ago and was able to see how they've grown and changed. Some of these children go to school but many do not so these children were extremely eager to learn all about what we were reading. At one point I had a circle of adorable little kids around me as I read book after book to them. One little boy in particular, Antonio, stayed with me the entire time wanting to read and learn more. He shared with me that he did not know how to read so he wanted me to teach him as much as I could. These children weren't as interested in the toys we had for them to play with but wanted to be held, talked to, and shown love. Before we left, we passed out some mangoes to the people of the town that we had picked earlier in the week. This was with out a doubt one of the best days here in Jamaica & I'm so excited for Y.S. Falls tomorrow!


  1. So proud and thankful for this team and the work that you're doing! I bet those kids just absolutely loved having you there. I love hearing about their desire for more reading and talking, and thank you all for your tireless love and compassion! Also, BUILD THOSE MUSCLES RYAN. Hope you all have a relaxing day today :)


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