Day 6 - Gully Bank, the hospital, and the infirmary

Today was one of the tougher days we experience while here in Jamaica. This isn't necessarily a physical toughness (although it was well over 100° today with the heat index), but mostly a mental toughness. We started by visiting Gully Bank, a small community that the government doesn't even have a true census of; the inhabitants use fishing wire and cable to latch on to the local power supplies, and most homes aren't authorized. The kids that live there are very hard-up and don't have stable families. Most get sucked into gangs and drug trade, and sadly this is their best shot at having any sort of income.

The hospital is not what you'd expect here. The patients don't have rooms, they're all in beds in one large room, and the nurses don't really do a thing. In four years, I've never seen any patient care, and the patients report the same. Patients are expected to supply all their own toiletries and rely on visitors for everything. We visited the mens', womens', childrens', and maternity wards.

The infirmary is the saddest part. It's a row house that keeps 60+ people lined up in beds, no privacy, and no partitioning. Bedpans and personal hygiene items are just out in the open. Here are Efan and Eddie's takes:


Today in Jamaica we went to the Infirmary, the Hospital, and GulÅ‚y Bank. When we got to Gully bank we played games with the kids. After Gully Bank we went to the hospital and we prayed for people that didn't have visitors, We also prayed that they had a quick and easy recovery. After the Hospital we went to the Infirmary, while we were in the infirmary we met a man named Dwayne, when he was younger he was sitting in between two gangs fighting, and a man stabbed him in the neck. A friend of his named Elton, he fell out of a tree at the age of 18 and broke his neck. When he got to the hospital he was told that he is paralyzed from the waist down. Now he is just trying to let himself go. This day was definitely the hardest for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Can't wait for tomarrow. 
- Edward



Today we went to the hospital, we saw the children that have physical problem, and they had their families with them. I really feel bad for them, because they has to go to the hospital. The air in the hospital is very depressed, everyone is worry about others. 

This morning we went to play with children in the village, the boys is really good at soccer. After I was done playing with them, Joe told me that village is full of drug dealers and children. I really feel bad for the children, because children is innocent. they did not realize what happened to village. They are so easy to be happy with, just playing soccer with them, or teach them drawing stars, trees.

This afternoon, we went to the old people's house. The air is really smelly, and old people are all had diseases. They don't have families, and they all take care by one person. we sing amazing grace with them, the man is sing with us. All the man are very friendly there, even though they had all of those disease. They holds my hand and asking me how did I do. At that moment, I never thought they are dirty or something like that. I hold their hand, and tell them I will pray for them.


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