Day 5 - Easter Monday

Easter Monday is an interesting event, as most of Jamaica celebrates the holiday on this day. Schools are still closed, businesses are shut down, and any Easter festivities that may happen take place on this day.

Our part in this was setting up games, activities, an egg hunt, and other fun for the kids of the house. Also invited were some kids from the neighboring town of Petersville, where the church is, as well as the adult kids who have "graduated" from the house and now live on their own with children of their own.

Here are Lauren and Shane's takes on the day-

Today We had an Easter party at My Father's House, each of us got to spend time with the kids and their family. I enjoyed hunting for eggs and designing bags with the kids. I never dyed an egg before. I was so glad when I saw their smiling faces. I believe the time we spent together provided them with happiness. These several days I have experienced a lot of new things with the team. I got the chance to see the local market, to try their food and the champagne cola!I am looking forward to helping more people and impacting more people in this trip.

Today was the fifth day into the trip. So today we had a ton of kids from Petersville and Jamaican families known to Penny and Jim come over for games, Easter egg hunts, and stories. One really interesting thing about Jamaican culture is all holidays are respected and celebrated. But the Jamaicans celebrate Easter on Monday instead of Sunday. I helped a little boy named CJ. He was about 3-4, he loved to go on the swing and fit as many jelly beans in his mouth as possible. After we all had a good time in the pool and enjoyed an American dinner of hot dogs + mac n cheese.  Which is very different from the Jamaican cuisine Penny and two Jamaican woman who live here have been preparing daily. Tomorrow will be a day of big work with many groups all over Jamaica. Thanks to all the family and supporters! Wether in financial or spiritual support it all helps!


  1. So glad to hear all about your Easter Monday! We're all so thankful for you and the lights you are being in Jamaica. Keep loving on those kids! P.s. HI RYAN!!!!! Miss you BRING ME COCO BREAD


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