Day 4 - Easter Sunday - He Is Risen!

Happy Easter! What a wonderful blessing to spend a third Easter Sunday here in Jamaica with Kingdom Builders Ministries.

Today was a day of rest! Most Sundays are very laid back on the island, as Jamaica still practices taking the day off (all non-essential businesses, anyway). We started the day with our beach devotions and came back to a wonderful breakfast - "Egg McJamaica" as Penie called it - eggs and cheese on this special bread called coco bread. It's the softest and most delicious bread I've ever come across.

Church was... a strange experience. While we got to worship with many of the people we've grown to know and start relationships with over the last several years, the service itself was much more of a charismatic tone than we'd ever seen here. Even for charismatics, something was off. We debriefed with the kids, as some of them had some questions, but no one was entirely put off by anything. After the service we bought ice cream from the youth group.

Lunch was amazing, as Donnaree's cooking is always on point. We spent the rest of the day with the kids that live at the house. They braided the girls' hair... and Shane's, we hit the pool, and they came to our evening devotions/wrap up. Now everyone is in bed, and Ryan and I are sitting in the dark fighting with the wifi trying to upload this post.

Tomorrow should be a day of hard work! It's "Easter Monday", a Jamaican tradition, so there will be a big egg hunt at the house for the local kids, and then we will be back out in town - more details to follow.




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