Day 2 - Some work, some fun!

Hello, friends!

Starting tonight, the students will be doing the blog entry details. Today we were able to settle in, work on the house, spend time with the kids that live here, and we even had an unexpected surprise - a local friend, Dr. Linda, took us out on her sailboat in the morning! This was extremely unexpected - normally we dive right into heavy work, but as today was Good Friday, the island was pretty much shut down (everything but gas stations are closed for holidays). We are extremely grateful for this opportunity, as it helped us have an easier transition in to spending time with members of the community as well as kids in the house.

Photos have been added to yesterday's entry. As always, thank you for your support!

Hi everyone!! It's Lydia! 
We just finished up our first full day in Jamaica and it was wonderful! Today we had a more relaxed day and did some fun/cool things and some chores around the house. Our day started off with devotions at the beach down the street from the house. Then we came back to the house and while we were eating breakfast we were surprised with a boatride! It was an amazing experience and a good way to see the beauties of Jamaica (the waters were so blue!) we jumped off the boat and swam around it and then returned home for lunch some chores around the house. We prepped the donations and swept the roof which we are currently sleeping on (so cool!!). We then finished with dinner and devotions under the stars. There are SO many stars here that I can't even count them! 
Today was an amazing day and we are all doing great, even the weather is great! I'm so happy that God has blessed me with such an amazing team and such gracious missionaries, Jim&penny, who opened their home to us. This place is wonderful so far (I promise I'm taking in every moment!) 
I'm VERY excited for the rest of the week and what is in store for our team...until the next blog... 
thank you for checking up on us! 
- Lydia cho (:



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